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Vera was measuring a quarter cup of laundry detergent to add to her Monday morning load of wash when the phone rang! “Hello,” she answered while cradling the phone between her shoulder and ear, “who's calling please!?!” “A deep voice on the other end of the line intoned evenly, “It's been a long time, Vera, I'm very disappointed that you moved away without even the courtesy of a good by!!!” Vera's blood immediately ran cold at the mere sound of the menacing voice, and it was all that she could do to keep from dropping the phone and running away!!! “Do you recognize my voice,” he asked harshly!?! “Y-yes, sir,” she replied in a voice barely above a whisper, “I recognize you!” “So enlighten me,” he asked, “why did you desert me!?!” “Well uh, I had just graduated and took a job in Chicago,” she replied, “and then I got married!!!” “You haven't answered my question,” he said with a distinct edginess, “what does moving to Chicago and getting married have to do with your not informing me that you were leaving!?!” “I-I don't know,” she said in a whisper?!? “Do you remember the penalty for disobedience,” he asked!?! “P-please,” she begged, “please leave me alone, I don't ever want to see you again!!!” In an even more acid tone her replied, “You know that is not possible!!!” “Judas,” she thought to herself, “how did he find me, it's been four years now and I've even got a new name!?!” Her mind was snapped back to the present when he abruptly asked, “What are you doing right now, I mean when you answered the phone what were you doing, exactly!?!” “I was doing the wash,” she answered!” “Are you still in the laundry room,” he questioned!?! “Yes I am,” she said!!! “Do you have any of those springy clothes pins,” he asked!?! With more than a touch of dread, she answered softly, “Yes, sir, I do!!!” Take off your shirt,” he ordered!!! “I-I don't want to,” she said with a quiver!!!” “Do it, now,” he barked, “you know the penalty if you displease me, now do it!!!” With her hands now shaking like a leaf, she struggled to undo the buttons on her floral patterned blouse, but finally she managed it, and then said softly into the receiver, “It's off!!!” “Very good, Vera, are you wearing a bra,” he asked a little more softly!?! “Yes,” she replied! “You know what to do,” he intoned, “take it off for me!!!” The cool air hitting her nipples quickly made the capillaries collapse, causing her nubs to harden and stand erect and firm at the tip of her beautifully heavy breasts!!! “Are your nipples hard, dear” he asked softly?!? “Y-you know they are,” she replied shallowly, as an aura of sexual inevitability swept over her!!! “Of course they are,” he said easily, “your nipples always were easily aroused, just like you were, is this not true, Vera!?!” “Goddamn him,” she said to herself, “after four years she still couldn't resist him,” and she softly replied, “yes, it's true!!!”

“So,” he asked, “what shall we do to punish our little wayward nymph, do you have any ideas!?!” “No,” she said in small voice, “please don't hurt me, I-I'm sorry I left with a word, but I didn't know what to do!!!” “Don't whine,” he snapped, “I hate it when you whine, now pick up two of those clothes pins, and very slowly clip them to the tip of your nipples!!!” “P-please,” she begged as tears began streaming down her cheeks, “don't make me do that, I'll meet you, that's it, I can meet you, but please don't hurt me!!!” “Silence,” he thundered, “pick up the pins and clip them to your nipples, do it, now!!!” “Oh, god,” she moaned, “it's gonna hurt so bad, p-please, oh no, it hurts, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, let me take them off!!!” “Vera,” he said sternly, “stand completely still and just think about how your nipples are being pinched nice and hard, can you feel it!?!” “Ohhhhhhhhh, it hurts,” she whined!!! “That's very good,” he said softly, “now, you know what to do now, so do it for me!!!” It was still just like second nature to her, her master would inflict pain, and she would naturally masturbate for him, so just like old times, her hand slid down inside of her jeans and with easy precision found her now very hard clitoris and frigged it madly towards a mind bending orgasm!!! “Was it good, Vera,” her master asked softly, “did you have a hard climax?!?” “Oh, yes,” she gasped into the phone, “it was so hard, god I came sooooo hard!!!” “You may remove the pins from your nipples now,” he went on, “but I want you to be aware that very soon I will be seeing you in person, so prepare yourself!!!” Then he was gone, and all she could hear was silence the silence of a dead line!!! “Oh, no,” she moaned while rubbing her burning nipples, “he's here in town, and he's coming to see me!!!”

For the next several weeks Vera was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and dreading the moment when he would walk back into her life!!! Every time the phone rang, when she was at the market, or even worse yet, god forbid, when the door bell rang, that he would be standing there, while bringing her his own special brand of terror!!! As the days passed, she finally began to relax, thinking that maybe he was just trying to intimidate her, while not really trying to see her in person at all, well that was her theory anyway, wrong as it would turn out to be!!! It came with a knock on her front door, exactly three weeks to the day since her phone conversation, she opened it and there he was, dressed in black from head to toe, six feet six inches tall and the most knee weakening sight she had ever seen!!! “Aren't you going to invite me in, Vera,” he asked softly, “it's been such a long time!?!” “P-please go away,” she begged, “my husband will be home in less than an hour, I don't know what he'll do if he finds you here!!!” “The question should be, what will I do when he gets home,” the master said evenly, “now invite me in!!!” A completely flustered Vera backed into the living room, almost fearful to even take her eyes of the towering figure!!! “W-what do you want,” Vera stammered!?! “Where is your bedroom,” he asked calmly?!? “Up stairs,” she said barely above a whisper, “please, don't take me up there!!!” Not bothering to even argue with her, he grabbed her by the arm and firmly led her up the stairs to the master bedroom, where he flung her onto the bed and began opening his black leather satchel!!!

While rummaging around inside of his bag, he glanced over at her and said, “You seem to have forgotten our procedure, take off all your clothing, now!!!” The apprehension and dread she had felt for the past few weeks had now come to fruition, and as she began removing her clothing, even though she was absolutely terrified at the thought of having her husband walk in on them, her vagina was drenching itself at the prospect of being brutally controlled by this beast master!!! When she was totally naked, he looked over at her and commented, “you still have lovely body, dear, but it looks like it could use a little discipline, don't you think!?!” She was about to answer his question, but was cut short when she saw him pull several lengths of velvet rope from his bag and hold them menacingly in front of him!!! “Do you remember these,” he asked softly?!? “Y-yes,” she whispered, “I remember them very well!!!” “Spread your legs, child,” he said calmly, “let me see if your vagina remembers them!!!” Slowly Vera parted her legs, exposing her pussy to the gaze of her tormentor, who said, “Ahhh, yes, that is the ultimate barometer, and it cannot tell a lie!!!”

It was just like her days in college, playing the submissive to his dominant, and now again, here she was, lying spread eagle on the bed with her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts!!! Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he took his finger and roughly penetrated her sex, causing her to moan with a desire she hadn't felt in over four years!!! “So,” he said softly, “does your husband excite you the way I do!?!” She didn't want to answer, but the insistent pressure he was applying to her pussy was driving her absolutely crazy, so she could barely answer, “Nooooo, I can't believe how hot I am, oh god, I'm so fucking hot!!!” While still fingering her drooling slit he exclaimed, “I'm sure that you are very excited, Vera darling, but not nearly as excited as you are going to be!!!”

She knew exactly what was coming, but the thought of it was so frightening that it was all she could do to watch him dip his big hand back into his black leather bag, while asking in a very shaky voice, “A-are you going to use the dominator on me?!?” “Do you want me to,” he asked almost soothingly?!? “I-I don't know,” she gasped as it came into view, “it hurts so much to have you put it inside of me!!!” “Of course it does,” he replied softly, “but it also gives you the most delicious orgasms, the kind that most women can't even dream of because they have no clue on how really good it can be!!!” What the two of them were talking about, was a dildo that the master had brought along in his bag, but it wasn't just any ordinary dildo, not by a long shot, this latex cock was at least fifteen inches long and three inches across, the size of which could tear apart a woman if it wasn't used very carefully!!! It was so thick in fact, that it had a hole in the butt end of it that allowed the user to insert a fairly large vibrator inside of it and have an even more intense experience!!! The master slowly ran the tennis ball size head up and down Vera's shaved lips, making her whimper like a puppy, wanting it so badly, yet absolutely terrified of the intense initial pain that the thick invader always caused her!!!

After several long minutes of preparing her slit, the master looked Vera in the eyes and said, “I think we're ready now, so be a good girl and relax your muscles, you know enough not to try and fight it, it would be a hopeless gesture on your part!!!” Trying desperately to relax her cunt muscles, she began to slip into and almost catatonic trance as her master very slowly inserted the huge head into her tight little vagina, while all the time telling her what a good little girl she was!!! Her pussy screamed in agony as inch after inch off the brutal battering ram slid farther and farther into her now completely distended pussy!!! She tried to scream, but no sound escaped her lips, so she found herself grinding around on the bed, trying in vain to stop the massive erection from tearing her pussy into shreds, but realizing that no matter what she tried, it was hopeless to resist, as it had been four years ago, so it was now!!!

She was breathing very quickly now with short pants as she tried to take her mind off of the incredibly packed sensation filling her pussy!!! Even though she had yet to experience the joy of child birth, she thought that it must be something like the dominator, only the baby was trying to escape it's prison, while this latex monster was only interested in making her its own with its brutal invasive attack!!! When a full ten inches of cock was jammed inside of her, the master said quietly, “There now, Vera, darling, that wasn't so bad was it, just relax and get used to it, it's been a long time since you last domination, and it might take a little getting used to!!!” She prayed he'd just pull it out of her, but she knew better, as she was about to go on an orgasmic spree that would leave her almost dead from the vicious waves of pleasure that would soon be engulfing her!!! The pain was now almost numbing, more like a dull ache that didn't so much hurt, but felt more like an uncomfortable pressure on the inside of her pussy, but that is how it always started, the pain would fade and the numbness would take over!!! The final two pieces to the puzzle were yet to be fitted, but as her pussy continued to ache, the master carefully attached two small alligator clips to her erect nipples!!! The pain was almost excruciating at first, with the tiny teeth biting hard into her soft flesh, causing her to finally moan out loud, “On, master, please no more, I-I can't stand it anymore!!!”

He smiled down gently at her, reveling in her agony, and softly he spoke, “Now, dear, you know that I can't do that, the fun is just about to begin, and you know I only have to flip the switch to get you started, are you ready now!?!” She knew what was next and gritted her teeth in anticipation, she was climbing the cliff and getting very close to the top, and her master was about to throw the switch!!! It was the vibrator, jammed deep inside of the dominator that always induced her orgasms, and almost endless string of climaxes that lasted as long as her master kept the little machine going!!! She watched with both horror and fascination as he slowly reached for the on switch, and with great fanfare, flicked it with his finger, which of course started the little hummer to working!!! Almost instantly, the dull ache in her cunt was transformed into a yearning and need that threatened to consume her, while the pain in her nipples only sharpened her already heightened senses, as the impulses from her nipples shot directly to her highly engorged clitoris!!!

She was now filled with a sense of urgency in her groin, and the need to climax grew to a point where the only thing that mattered in the world was getting blessed relief to her devastated vagina and clit!!! Her nipples and cunt were on fire with desire, and the first tidal wave of climaxes washed through her crotch, leaving her shaking and trembling as another wave approached from the distance!!! In her minds eye, that is exactly how it appeared, like waves on the ocean, far apart but relentless, one after the other, coming from seemingly nowhere but everywhere!!! As the next wave pounded into her cunt and she arched her back and screamed in ecstasy, the bedroom door literally burst open and Vera's husband Rick stood open mouthed and staring at the horrific scene in front of him!!!

“W-what's going on in here,” he stammered, while unable to take his eyes of the huge club protruding from his wife's pussy!!! “When he got no reaction from her, he looked around the room and for the first time saw the master standing next to the bed, just staring at him with his hands on his hips and a defiant look on his face!!! “Who are you,” the young husband asked in a very confused voice, and what are you doing here!?!” Instead of answering his question, the master quickly covered the ten feet of space between them and with a hard back hand to the face, knocked the young man to the floor, leaving his lip split and his mouth bleeding!!! “Don't you ever speak to me that way again,” the master spat at the broken husband, “if you shut your mouth and be quiet, I won't have to shove the dominator up your fucking ass, do I make myself clear!!!” With his lip swollen and his head ringing, Rick just nodded his head while trying to regain his senses!!! Back on the bed, however, Vera was in the middle of another set of orgasms that threatened to make her black out, but the mixture of pure pain and pleasure was enough to keep her conscious!!! Seeing that she was about to go under, the master turned off the vibrator and slowly began to extract the thick latex pecker from Vera's now bored out pussy!!!

Ten minutes later with everything back in his bag, Vera still hadn't moved a muscle, although her cunt was still a huge gaping hole in the middle of her crotch, thanks the brutal attack by the big fat rubber dick!!! Rick still sat on the floor, while trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on, but knowing better than to ask any questions until the giant in black had left!!! As the master stood in the doorway ready to leave, he turned and said, “Anytime, day or night, I might be back, always be prepared and ready, for I am your master,” and then he was gone!!! Rick struggled to his feet and went to his broken wife and took her in his arms and just held her, explanations could come later, but for now he was just glad they were alive!!! For the first time since he had come home, Vera noticed his presence and mouthed the words, “I'm sorry, I can't help it!!!” Looking into her eyes, he saw a fear he had never seen before, resulting in a cold feeling filling his body, because he knew that from now on their lives weren't their own, a man dressed in black would control them both, and for better or worse that was the way it would be!!! He let his mind wander a bit, and in his thoughts he saw the future, with both he and Vera tied to the bed and being taken by this stranger and stretched to the limit, and there was nothing they could do about it, they were his!!!


Hentai: I want to make a shot with the image of sunburn and brown

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