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I tried to figure out why she would wear something like that around her child and small kids, then I realized that they are supposed to be innocent enough not to worry about it and I wasn’t that innocent anymore, I swallowed, made certain my sunglasses was aimed at her face as I spoke to her cleavage

“Not really, I noticed that Clive just forgot a few things I told him last time”

She sighed softly

“Clive I told you to practice what he told you to do”

“Yes mom, but I forget at times everything, maybe he could come over and show me”

Those words really tickled my fancy

“You mean like private tutoring?”

He nodded

“I guess that is the word, when you teach just me?”

She sighed again

“Clive, you already have extra mathematics, where are you going to fit these extra cricket classes in?”

I wondered why a kid of twelve would want extra math classes

“Anyway he may have other things to do than to give extra classes”

A plan suddenly formed and I smiled

“Actually after work I can’t do much these days, knee problems and all”

She crossed her arms over her huge breasts and tapped a fingernail on her perfectly white front teeth

“How much would you charge?”

I shrugged nonchalantly

“I’m sure we can arrange something based on results”

After that I showed Clive a lot of tricks and made him work extra hard during practice and then in the off days I went over to their place and drilled more of the bowling technique into him. Porra Anime [Armored Daughter Fighting Machine] 7… I used to sit in my vehicle, watching her walking her son to the field and then walking back, I had to get ways to distract myself because my repeated hard-ones really started to distract me beyond belief.

Hentai: (COMITIA82) [ponz.info (Ponz)] Natsuyasumi – Happy Summer Days [English] [Shouta-Kun]

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