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Okay sis let me make this clear from now on you will be my slave you will do what I tell you without  protest if you won’t do that I will have to punish you hard I said as she looked at me seeing that I was serious I wanted to make it clear that there was no escape if you even try to tell anyone or go to the police it will be the last thing you will do because if you do that I have no other choice but to kill you is that clear ? I said as she sat still but after a few seconds slowly nodded

I smiled as she nodded and went in the bed pinning her down to the mattress making out with her as I rubbed her pussy getting her ready to be penetrated she didn’t want to but I could feel her getting wetter by the second and sometimes a little moan comes out of her. Jerking Off Chouninki Cosplayer Ga Koronaka De… YOU






ME !


James p-please stop this she cried out as I  slapped her again I will only stop when you will obey me I said as I trew her off me and started to yank down my pants revealing my hard cock as she looked up to me with fear in her eyes she knew what was coming and started to beg James please don’t do this  I will do everything you want she begged as I laughed offcourse you will do everything I want that’s what I’m training you to do.

Hentai: [MUSES GARDEN (Hayakawa Akari)] Takao to Noryo Suru (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [2022-08-17]

Takao to Noryo Suru 1Takao to Noryo Suru 2Takao to Noryo Suru 3Takao to Noryo Suru 4Takao to Noryo Suru 5Takao to Noryo Suru 6Takao to Noryo Suru 7Takao to Noryo Suru 8Takao to Noryo Suru 9Takao to Noryo Suru 10Takao to Noryo Suru 11Takao to Noryo Suru 12Takao to Noryo Suru 13Takao to Noryo Suru 14Takao to Noryo Suru 15Takao to Noryo Suru 16Takao to Noryo Suru 17Takao to Noryo Suru 18

[MUSES GARDEN (早川あかり)]高雄と納涼する(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-) [2022年8月17日]

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